Cows and Chasing

I can remember a long time ago. I can remember when I was about three. Charlotte, Sophie and I were playing dolls and dress ups in the garden. I was in a long dress because we were pretending to be mummies.
I don’t remember much about the game but I remember Charlotte, Sophie and I running. We were running because there was a cow chasing us. I didn’t see the cow coming until she was behind me chasing me. She must have come from the paddock next door. I felt scared. I was a long way behind my sisters. Charlotte came back for me.
We ran into the house. We told Callum, “There’s a cow escaped from the paddock!” Then Duncan and Callum chased it back through the gate with a broom. We watched through the window. I didn’t like the cows too much after that.


  1. Nice post.
    I am so sorry that I left you behind.

  2. I like cows!
    I like cats and dogs better though!
    Love Brid

  3. Wow! That cow must have scared you a lot! But, it makes a good story and you tell it very nicely:) love Auntie Vicky xx

  4. That must of been very scary. I bet if Duncan and Callum weren't there he would be there for hours

  5. Sophie, that's alright. I don't mind that you left me behind.

    Brid, I like cats too. I like some dogs, but not big ones.

    Aunty Vicky, it did scare me then. Thank you for saying I tell my stories nicely.

    Bethany, I think so too. Some times cows would get into the garden and stay overnight. Then they would walk into the house and wake us up!

    Thank you for commenting.