A Gaping Big Hole

My tooth was very loose. It hurt to bite with it. It was hard to eat my toast at breakfast. I wanted it to come out. I wiggled it and wiggled it but it wouldn't come out.

One day, it got so loose it was hanging by one corner. I could turn it right round. But it wouldn't come out. I didn't want any morning tea that day in case it came out while I was eating.

Lunch time came. I was eating my lunch when Sophie told me, "Your tooth looks even looser."
I put my hand into my mouth and gave my tooth a little tug. It came straight out.

After lunch I gave it to Mum to look after. Now I have a gaping big hole in my mouth. I like my hole. I think it looks funny.

The one next to it is wiggly as well. I really want it to come out too.


  1. What a beautiful smile!:) xx

  2. That looks really cool. Did it hurt when it came out?

  3. Hi Gemma- Rose.
    I am going to do a new post today about my lost tooth.
    From Melanie xo xo