The Blue Mountains, Three Sisters and a Trip to the River Styx

I tumbled out of bed and headed into the kitchen and began to make my breakfast. We were all up early because we were travelling to the Blue Mountains. We had been to the Blue Mountain once before to Jenolan Caves, but this time we were going to Scenic World. At Scenic World there is the world's steepest railway, a Skyway and Cableway.

We all hurried through breakfast, morning jobs and the last of the packing.

"Time to go," Dad called.

We all pulled on our shoes and grabbed our books and MP3 Players before heading outside to the car. It was a long drive to the Blue Mountains and we had to stop for some morning tea at the bottom of the Mountains before driving for a few more minutes to the top.

The Three Sisters

We were going to see The Three Sisters which are three huge rocks that are supposed to look like three ladies.

Dad parked and we all piled out of the car. We went for a bush walk which had lots of lookouts from which you could see The Three Sisters and the mountains. Sophie didn't want to go close to the edge of the lookout because she doesn't like heights, but Dad managed to coax her to come have a look.

One of the lookouts

The views from all the lookouts around the walk were amazing. I really enjoyed it. When we had finished the walk we went to buy some food before heading to the cabin we were staying in.

It was a three room cabin. There was a kitchen cross sitting room cross bedroom. The settee had a bed above it and the settee could be folded down into a double bed. There was the bathroom and another bedroom with a bunk bed and a double bed.

Originally Sophie and I were going to have the bunk beds in the bedroom and Mum and Dad were going to have the double bed in the same room while Imogen and Charlotte slept in the sitting room, but Mum decided that she would put all us girls in the same room. So Sophie and I had the double bed, the big girls had the bunk beds and Mum and Dad slept in the sitting room.

"These cabins have a games room," Dad said. "Should we take a walk down and have a look at it?"

Charlotte playing Wii Sport

We all went to the games room and found a TV, a Wii and a pool table. Dad taught Imogen to play pool while Charlotte taught Sophie and me how to play Wii Sports. It was a lot of fun even if you looked ridiculous bouncing around in front of the TV.

We had ravioli in a tomato sauce for dinner and afterwards we had some chocolate. Sophie and I had showers and we all watched How to Train Your Dragon.

We all had to go to bed at the same time because it was such a small cabin.

I was very careful to lie in the bed as far away from Sophie as possible because I have this reputation for kicking people in bed.

Imogen and Charlotte had a hard time getting to sleep because neither of them snore but Sophie and I snore rather loudly.

In the morning we had Nutri Grain or flavoured packet porridge. We did the dishes, showered and made the beds.

Dad drove to Scenic World and we all queued for tickets.

The Railway from the bottom

The first thing  we did was go on the world's steepest railway. There were three settings on the chairs in the train. The first was Cliffhanger which was the steepest at 64 degrees and then there was original at 52 degrees  or Laidback at 20 degrees. We all wanted to go Cliffhanger except for Sophie but she agreed to do it with us.

The train dropped dramatically and went into a dark tunnel. We all began to slide out of our seats (there were no seat belts). We had to brace ourselves with our legs or slide right off the seats. The train came out of the tunnel and we saw the beautiful view before the track levelled out and we could sit back on the seats.

The Railway had been great fun, but Sophie didn't enjoy it at all and had spent her time clinging to Dad.

We went for a walk along ramps through the bush. Scenic World used to be a coal mine and there were lots of signs telling us about it. We saw a coal miner's cottage and we were allowed to go inside. It didn't look like a nice place to sleep in especially in the cold mountain weather.

The old Skyway which they stopped using in 2004 (they've got a new one)

After the walk we went on the Skyway, the Railway again (it was even better going back up) and the Cableway. Someone on the Skyway commented that it was a long way to fall to the ground.

"Not long at all," the guide said cheerfully. "Only six seconds to the bottom."

We stopped for lunch before going for another walk. This one had a lot of steps and we all raced each other up them. We saw a waterfall on this walk. It was a long walk and we were tired by the time we were down.

Mum went to look in the souvenir shop with Sophie while the rest of us went on the Railway another two times before we all headed home.

Sophie had bought us all these beaded bracelets from the souvenir shop and they were very pretty. We went back down to the games room for the evening and played pool and Wii again.

For dinner we had fish and chips which was really nice. We watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as we ate and then went back to the games room for the rest of the evening.

On the last day we packed everything again and loaded the car. Dad drove us all the way to Jenolan. We were going to see another cave.

This cave was the River Cave. It was gorgeous. Unfortunately it had two ladders which Sophie didn't want to climb. The River Cave had (surprise, surprise) a river which they called the River Styx from Greek mythology. There was also another one called the Pool of Reflections which reflected perfectly the roof of the cave on the water which was slightly weird.

One of the cave formations

Then we started the long drive home. It had been a good holiday, but we were all glad to get home and see Duncan and the cats. The next day we went and picked Nora up from the kennels.