Nora Elvis

We are very busy, getting ready for the newest arrival to the Elvis family, Nora Elvis. Nora is the cutest puppy ever. She is a bitser. She is 6 months old. We think she has some Labrador and cattle dog in her. She has a pink leash and matching collar. Dad has bought her a kennel and a bed for when she is in the house. Dog bowls and food have also been bought, and now we are waiting for the puppy to arrive. We are adopting her from the animal shelter. She is a stray dog. We will have to teach our Pound Princess her name.

Imogen and Dad go to pick Nora up from the vet where she is having her vaccinations and an operation. She will be very sleepy when she gets home. We have time to eat dinner and get most of the way through the dishes before finally we hear car doors slamming. I race to the front door and wrench it open. Imogen is holding a black puppy. She looks slightly odd holding such a huge puppy. (Nora is going to be a big dog when she is fully grown.) Imogen puts Nora down on the floor and I gingerly pat her head. I am slightly nervous. I don't want to get bitten or anything.

Nora looks around dazed. One minute she had been safely in her cage, the next she was in a car driving to the vets', and now these strange people have taken her to a place she has never seen before.

Sophie appears beside me and cries, "She is so cute!"

"Shh," I scold.

Imogen leads Nora into the family room. Nora immediately settles down on her bed. If she was a cat she probably would take one look and think, "That is a nice bed", and then go sit on the settee. But she is a dog and very intelligent.

I heat Imogen's and Dad's dinner up for them before skidding over to Nora. Her fur is black and she has a white stripe down her front with black spots on it. Her snout is huge and she has big floppy ears.

Suddenly Nora's  head rises and she sniffs. She likes the smell. She can smell Dad's dinner. Nora walks over to him and puts her two front legs on the settee to look into Dad's bowl. Imogen pushes Nora down.

I don't want to do the rest of the dishes. I want to cuddle the puppy. All my fears about her biting me disappear when she looks at me with those big brown puppy eyes.

"Hurry and do the dishes, then you will be able to play with the dog," Mum says. She knows that I want to pet the puppy.

We enjoy petting Nora till bed time. Neither Sophie nor me want to go to bed.

In the morning Imogen and I take Nora outside before breakfast. She meets the neighbours' dog Louie. They have a barking match. I hadn't heard Nora bark before.

A few days later we take Nora for a walk. It is loads of fun.

I love dogs! Do you? I think Nora is the best dog ever! 

How to Cook Chocolate Pudding

Sophie decided that we needed to make another cooking video. This time I decided to cook a chocolate pudding. I love cooking sugar-free chocolate pudding. It is really easy and I couldn't wait to show everybody on my blog how to make it.

I was a little afraid that people would get bored during the cooking stage. We kept having to take the pudding out of the microwave, and stir it before cooking it some more. But Sophie sped those bits up for me, when she edited my video.

Here is the video. I hope you like it!