The Countdown

The cover I made for my story 
I stared at my empty notebook and tried to think of an idea for a novel. I always come up with beautiful plots, so why couldn't I think of one now?

Later when Mum was reading a book called The Road to Gundagai by Jackie French, the idea hit me. I was going to write about a circus. Yes a circus. All afternoon I had my notebook in hand.

After a few days I had a plausible plot.

My main character, Lance, is a trapeze artist. When his partner, Old Bob, falls off the trapeze during practise and gets injured, Master Jensen decides to get him a new partner. The only problem is that the person he chooses is a girl.

Despite Lance's protests that he doesn't need a partner, the girl, Lilia, does arrive.

Angel, another performer from the circus and a bully, receives a mysterious letter. After Lance and Lilia read the letter they are determined to find out who the writer is. But they find out more than they mean to and they end up in the centre of a big mess.

I am really enjoying writing it. I cannot tell you why it is called The Countdown because that would spoil the story.

I hope you like the sound of my story, and when I have finished it I might post it up for for you to read.  


  1. Sounds awesome! Can't wait to read it.

    1. Jane,

      Thank you! I have been having a lot of fun writing it!


  2. That sounds like a great story, Gemma-Rose! You'll have to post it on your blog when you've finished writing it.

    1. Bethany,

      Thank you. It will probably take me a while to write it.