Sleeping Beauty


I like all Disney Princess movies (except for Snow White). But there was one Disney Princess movie I hadn't watched. It was Sleeping Beauty. We didn't own so I couldn't watch it.

But Imogen and Mum went to the shops and when they came back, they brought Sleeping Beauty with them. We were all very excited because either we hadn't watched it in a very long time or not at all.

Mum and Imogen were going to a conference in Sydney so Charlotte, Sophie and I got to watch it first while they were away. We loved the scene where Fauna, Flora and Merriweather try to sew and cook. Now I know that if I want to make a dress, first I have to cut a hole in the fabric for the legs.

The cover of the DVD lied. For most of the movie Aurora has a blue dress but on the case she is wearing pink.

I think I am really going to have to learn how to turn into a dragon like Maleficent. It was a really cool trick.

Charlotte thought that the Prince from Sleeping Beauty looked identical to the Prince from Cinderella.

Have you watched Sleeping Beauty? Who is your favourite Disney Princess?

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