Rainbow Coloured Shoes

Sophie and I are on the DIY website and we both wanted to complete the fashion designer's badge. One of things I could do to get the fashion designer's badge was to decorate a pair of shoes. I liked the sound of that and asked Mum if she could get me a pair of plain white shoes to doodle on. Mum agreed but then Sophie said she wanted to do the same thing. I got a bit upset. It had been my idea to decorate shoes after all. Why couldn't Sophie think of something herself? Mum assured me that it didn't matter if Sophie did the same thing as me.

We went to the shops to find some shoes. Sophie found some plain white canvas shoes but there were none in my size. 

"Maybe there will be some next time we come shopping," Mum suggested.

I sighed. It appeared Sophie would be getting the fashion designer's badge before me. 

Sophie found some Sharpies and got to work colouring her shoes. I watched enviously as she drew one spot after another spot with a pencil, then got to work colouring them in with her Sharpies.

When Sophie was done she went to show the big girls her shoes. I came with her.

"Oh, those are lovely," Imogen said, inspecting the shoes. Sophie beamed. "Did you colour some shoes?" Imogen asked me.

"I don't have any shoes," I grumbled. "The shop didn't have any in my size."

"Hmm." Imogen thought about the matter for a while. "Go to my cupboard and find the pair of shoes I was going to colour in."

I skipped over to the cupboard and found the shoes.

"Why don't you colour these in for me?" Imogen asked.

"Thank you, Imogen," I smiled. "Are you sure?"

"I've been meaning to colour those in for months. It's about time somebody did something to them!" Imogen replied.

I gave Imogen a big hug before running back out of her bedroom.

I found my laptop and looked through Google Images for a design I might want to try.

"Imogen!" I shouted after a while. I ran into her room with my laptop.


"I found three designs I could try," I said and showed her the pictures.

One design was a starry pattern, another was flowers which looked a bit hard, but my favourite was the zig-zaggy one.

"I rather like that one," Imogen said pointing to the zig-zagged design.

I smiled. My day was getting better and better.

In the afternoon, armed with a pencil, Sharpies and a pair of shoes, I sat down to begin creating the best shoes the world had ever seen. Imogen had said that she wanted the main colour to be blue. I worked all afternoon on them and when they were done I was amazed. I had thought I was going to make some terrible mistake that would ruin the shoes. I did make some mistakes but nothing noticeable.

"Imogen, I've finished your shoes," I said, bouncing into her bedroom.

"Gemma-Rose, they're lovely," Imogen gasped.

I grinned.

Sophie took some photos of the shoes for me and posted them on DIY.

I really enjoyed decorating the shoes. I wasn't sure I could but it turned out to be easier then I thought it would be.

Thank you Imogen for letting me decorate your shoes!