My 8th Birthday

It was my birthday . I walked out of my bedroom feeling happy.
Imogen was making pancakes for breakfast. I love pancakes! After breakfast everyone did their jobs, then it was morning prayers .After morning prayers we had presents. I love presents!
I got a water bottle, a slushey maker, some Pollys, pens, a sketching book, a Littlest Pet Shop dog covered with flowers, dinosaurs knitted by Imogen, a sock bug made by Charlotte, ,a plastic unicorn with wings, a paper dolls house, a zhu zhu hamster, a Fantasia DVD, a twenty dollar note and a computer. Wow! What a lot of presents. Wasn't I lucky?
Then the big girls put up my dolls house for me. Soon Mum said that we were going on a picnic to an animal sanctuary. When we got there we saw two emus, lots and lots of wallabys and kangaroos and birds. We saw a wombat shelter but no wombats. After taking a million photos we had a lunch of turkey, ham and pasta salad rolls and potato chips. The emus kept staring at us while we ate our lunch.
Then we took a trot down to the shop. Inside we saw lots of soft toys of Australian animals. We just looked at them. We didn't buy any.
When we got home we had pizza for dinner while watching Fantasia.
Then I went to bed.

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